The world of Exile begins for most at the Gate in the land of Varen. No one in Varen knows who built the Gate or what’s on the other side, for no one has ever returned through its cyan sheets of energy. It is theorized by the Magocracy to be a one way portal to another land, a land they simply call the Exile.
As such things go, many rumors have sprung up about the Gate. Some say It’s a fey paradise on the other side, others say it’s a direct connection to the Shadowfell. It’s even said that it’s just a big disintegrator, and you’re vaporized the second you step through.
If the third is true, this will be a quick damn campaign.
Regardless of what is true, the portal is used to dispose of people. The courts of the realm allow a trip through the Gate in place of capital punishment. Adventurers are allowed access to the Gate, and the various kingdoms and magic schools have even organized sorties into the Gate. There’s even a subset of hitmen who specialize in removing people by Exile, for the client who wants a clear conscience.


Alyndrial Virkkit